Thursday, November 29, 2007


Surviving Early Adversity And Aiming High
By Janette Lynott

Christopher Evans, a student at Marymount Manhattan College, is more than just a communications major and your average student. He is a survivor. Born in Lusby, Maryland, Evans admits that being a small town boy has its perks. He says he enjoys the more simpler things and that one of his happiest moments was spending a night at a friend's house while staying up all night laughing and playing video games. However, this small town boy found passion in not only the city, but also the media.

Evans was originally a theater arts major but realized that it wasn't where his heart was. "After taking theater history I was like no, it was so bleak and boring and I realized I didn't have as much passion for theater as I thought I did. I realized I was much more interested in television and film then theater," Evans said in a recent interview.

Some interesting things you can take away from Evans will include the fact that pirates are in fact cooler than Ninjas and he is a big fan of Christina Aguilera. Evans enjoys contributing to an online community blog on www.ohnotheydidn', a web site dedicated to the entertainment industry. He explains that it does not focus solely on celebrity gossip but on what is happening in the film and music industry. When asked how he felt about these entertainment-geared websites, he explained, "I think a lot of people are addicted to these sights and tabloids. When the press puts that stuff out there, people are lured and can’t pull themselves away. I think this stuff is addicting.”

Not only does Evans have a passion for the world he lives in, and the world he will soon enter after college, but he is also open about how he became the person that he is. He admits that at one time all he wore were baggy clothes and outfits that were unflattering. "I despise baggy clothes in any capacity and think they should all be banned," he says. Currently, Evans sports a very casual yet sophisticated look that usually contains neutral colors. His clothes always flatter not only his complexion, but also his build. He can be described as a sharp dresser.

Evans is open about the difficult times in his life. When he was a child he suffered, what was at the time, the mysterious loss of not only his stepmother but also his half-brother. He described them as, "two of the purest souls he ever came in contact with and were taken before they should have." Once he became older, the words of others reached him, and although it is still not confirmed, he believes that it was a freak chance that their deaths could have been AIDS.

Chris Evans, a passionate young man who has overcome so much in his life is currently completing his bachelor’s degree and has his aim high for the world. His goal in life is "ideally to be a creator, executive producer and a show runner of my own television program." After all of the life experience Evans has endured, there is no doubt he is capable of handling what life can bring.


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