Thursday, November 29, 2007


The Girl Who ‘Can Do And Be’
By Janette Lynott

Christine Levitin-Breyette, who never wanted to come to New York City, has adjusted quite well. She originally intended to go to Cornell University and become a veterinarian. However, she had changed her mind and was geared toward entertainment and that is when she decided to to go to New York.

Levitin-Breyette had read that an actress from The Guiding Light, a popular TV soap opera, was speaking at Marymount Manhattan College. When she attended this event she realized that there is where she wanted to go to school. This is one of the events that lead her to believe that everything happens for a reason and that when something happens and you’re attracted to a certain direction, you should keep following it. When asked if she believes in fate, she said, "not so much fate, but maybe destiny."

As a child, Levitin-Breyette had some medical issues that limited he ability to participate in some activities that other children could. She stated that she felt she, "could not do or be." Due to this, she participated in activities that her health allowed her to. This was theater, and she was very active in her high school plays. If she wasn't on the stage then she was helping back stage.

Levitin-Breyette says her favorite actress is Meryl Streep who she once had a chance encounter with. While walking the streets of New York City, Levitin-Breyette noticed the film, The Devil Wears Prada was being shot in midtown. The curiosity got to her and she approached one of the workers on set and had asked if Ms. Streep was around. Of course, they said no. But when Levitin-Breyette bent down to tie her shoe she heard a familiar voice and looked up and saw none other than her idol, Meryl Streep herself. She acted as anyone would when star struck. She stood there blankly relishing the moment

Levitin-Breyette believes she is destined for great things. She is currently an intern for the casting agency Lynn Kressel, which handles casting for Law and Order, and she also participates in fundraisers for The Guiding Light. Levitin-Breyette said it was not easy getting the internship with NBC. Yet she was persistent, and through word of mouth, her resume was picked up by the people at Law and Order-Criminal Intent. She now does office work and sits in on auditions for potential actors on the show. Levitin-Breyette is now a Communication Arts major, and after overcoming childhood medical issues, she is full throttle towards a career in the entertainment industry. Unlike what she thought as a child, she really can do and be.

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