Sunday, May 06, 2007


Mera’s Got Skills!
By Lindsay Cooper

Another stressful week had gone by, and Mera and I were looking for a fun-filled, random party to go to. While our expectations for the night were not exactly going as planned, our mutual determination finally landed us at a bizarre, pseudo-exclusive party in the upstairs room of Mantra, an Upper East Side lounge. The night was just beginning to take a sudden but exciting turn where Mera Szendro was able to show off her PR skills.

Szendro is a junior at Marymount Manhattan College who was born in Hungary in 1986 where she spent most of her childhood. “My grandfather owned the biggest Hungarian theater in which he showed controversial plays involving the Nazis. She says her grandmother, who she considers her “guardian spirit,” was a secretary and a communist spy.

“I believe my diverse background and adventurous experiences in Hungary and Amsterdam has made me into a social individual who craves unordinary people and situations.” She also thinks that any connection one makes is meaningful even in the most mundane situations.

As we were sipping our overpriced drinks and trying to look social, the host of the upstairs party pranced in and quickly glanced over at our table. Szendro broke the awkward vibe he was giving off and casually engaged him in conversation.

In a gaudy manner he said, “ Hi my name is Javier, you girls should totally join my party upstairs!” In an excited but relaxed manner Szendro replied, “ Of course we would love to join your party upstairs, what are you throwing a party for?” One could easily see how she was confidently able to apply her journalistic skills in her brief conversation with Javier.

Within a matter of minutes we were upstairs at an exclusive VIP table drinking champagne and mingling with his so called “entourage.” As the party was really getting started and the music was pumping in the background, Szendro tried to continue her conversation with Javier. In a loud voice she asked him what he enjoys most about his high profile career.

He briefly expressed how he tries to fulfill what he couldn’t have in his models. After he said this, Szendro spontaneously got up and pretended to be one of his so called models walking down a catwalk. Javier started laughing and said, “Well girl that was a good imitation but you had too much bounce in your step.” Szendro’s impulsive humorous side continued to make people feel naturally drawn to her authentic presence during the night.

Szendro explained that when she was growing up, it was very difficult for her to communicate effectively with the people around her. “I had all the emotions, I just didn’t know how to express them in a way where I felt like people really understood me.” Her childhood difficulties with expression manifested in her later desire to really become involved in acquiring professional communication skills as a communications major. “I find that at this time in my life, it is really important to take advantage of all the opportunities available to me in the city.”

Currently, she works for a PR agency in which she is hoping will help her progress further in a career that she will absolutely love. In the few weeks of getting to know Szendro, one can simply see her desire to spend a lifetime doing what she loves but being successful at it too. “ I want to be able to keep my personality wherever I may go and be valued for it as well.” It is Szendro’s genuine curiosity and sustained interest in people that make her respected and intriguing to many.

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