Monday, April 23, 2007

Special Report: Crisis On Campus

Virginia Tech Will Overcome This Tragedy
By Leigh Baker

College campuses are becoming a scary place for many people. With the many actions that have recently taken place, it’s no shock that the parents of most students are rather worried. Not to mention, the concerns of many students have risen as well. Is there really a sure-fire way to ensure the safety students on college campuses?

For years, safety has been a concern of directors and deans at universities around the nation. Rape was an issue years ago, now the distress is focused on guns and violence. Columbine could be considered one of the first true school shootings that shook the nation, and since that day, security in high schools and colleges around the country has increased dramatically. Is that really necessary? I think so. This violence epidemic that has taken hold of so many shooters in the past ten years could actually be in low numbers compared to what they could have been if not for those metal detectors and security guards at the doors. It’s no inconvenience to anyone, especially if it saves the lives of students or simply scares the perpetrator silly.

As for the massacre at Virginia Polytechnical Institute, that could be considered another can of worms. Yes, it is the worst massacre in the history of the United States, but what on earth were those guards, faculty, and administrators doing that morning? It is reported that the controversy now is concerning how the situation was handled, for it took nearly two hours -- that’s right, two hours -- to attempt to bring and end to the madness. And, the madness certainly did not stop there. It continued with the shooting of 30 more students. It makes those officials at Virginia Tech look oblivious, which I hope they were not.

That was the fault of the institution; however, we must realize that despite these administrative “mishaps,” there will always be nut jobs in the world that only wish to inflict damage and pain in order to cure their own sorrow and insecurity. Of course, it is a tragedy, a catastrophe, a misfortune, but it is not the first time this has happened. Colorado, Kentucky, and other areas of the nation have been faced with disastrous events such as this, and they all seem to have bounced back. It is only a matter of time before VT is able to overcome their sadness and recover.

College campuses around the nation should now be focused on seeking out these potential predators and preventing catastrophic episodes. It has been reported that the gunman’s English teacher was the only person to exhibit concern about the student’s topics of choice for class assignments. When brought to the Board of Directors, the case was dismissed because there was no solid evidence depicting a plan of this magnitude.

We should focus on relieving problems before they become massacres. Honestly, only one teacher was concerned for the well being of this boy? Come on, pull it together VT.

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